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Prisoner of War

Well I have joined another internet gaming clan.

Have been playing Day Of Defeat for some time now. Started playing it when it first came out as a WW2 Half Life mod. It now has been updated and is known as DOD:Source.

As to the clan I have joined the POW's, been playing for a long time on their server. They are based out of Seattle, which is close to home, so great ping. However that is not the main reason for playing there, although it doesn't hurt ;-), this is the best bunch of players to hang and play with. They have a healthy fun attitude for gaming fun, plus just being a bunch of good human beings on this crazy planet . They run a tight ship, but keep it fun. They also have a great Forum to hang and chat. I'm proud to be a member, come check them out.

If your looking for a fun game to start playing. That is quick to pick up, for short little scrims, then this game is for you. I find it's nice to quickly jump on line and play some intense gaming to relax and unwind from the world with some good people

 Ray & Crud

This was the last photo of  Ray and I at the Balmoral on my Birthday
Feb. 28, 2004!

It is with great regret that his close friends must report the sudden death of Rock and Roll legend Ray Condo. Ray was found dead in his apartment in Vancouver, April 15 from an apparent heart attack.
 Ray did not have any immediate family but did have a family of friends that cared for him dearly; this family stretched around the world.

Ray had recently returned to an active music career after a three year break during which he worked for the Canadian National Railways.
 Ray was Canada's representative at the many international festivals he played and was preparing to tour the US, Europe and Australia this coming summer. His recent shows (including a sold out show in Los Angeles at the Derby) had shown
Ray to be in fine form.

Ray became a country and rockabilly singer through the back door of punk, playing in Vancouver's The Secret V's. Exposure to the Cramps led him to revisit his Elvis roots and in 1984 he formed Ray Condo & The Hardrock Goners in Montreal. The group quickly became Canada's premier rockabilly act.

 Ray moved back to Vancouver in 1994, forming Ray Condo & The Ricochets, whose mix of western swing, rockabilly and jazz delighted fans around the world. At the time of his death, Ray Condo was in the process of building a new group and sound with longtime guitar player Stephen Nikleva and fellow music veteran Ian Tiles. Ray was optimistic, and looking forward to the future.

He will be sorely missed.

I'll have more photo's of Ray up very very soon!
This has been a very hard time for us all..

A Memorium and tribute to Ray Condo will be held on Sunday April 25th, 2004 at The Ironworks at 6pm. The Ironworks is located at 235 Alexander Street at the foot of Main.
All are welcome

Here's also another good site to check out by his old manager .

Well it seems I've joined the growing ranks of the on line gamer!
We had to get a new computer, so now I  have enough power to play
new games! I've joined a clan here in Vancouver called CLAN- NI,
also knowen as "The Knights who say Ni". It's a great bunch of  guys
who just like to have fun. We play on Monday nights (Road to Rome)
and sometimes on Thursday nights (which has turned into Desert Combat fun!).
So come join us for some on line fun... IF YOUR GAME!


Come by the site and find out how to play
with us on -line! We hope to see you there.

BattleField Central
This is a great place to get started and loads of info!

Also there is great gaming/ computer store where some of the clan team live and work. So go  and check them out on line or drop by the store. You can try out some of the great games on  amazing  hardcore gaming machines! They also have  great deals on computer hardware a rigs.  So what are you waitng for click on the links and open your mind to the greatness of NI.
Game Action

InterAction Computer Entertainment

120 East 3rd Street
North Vancouver B.C.
Canada V7L 1E6
604-987-3472 (DISC)
toll-free: 1-888-987-3472 (DISC)
Fax: 604-987-3294
Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10am to 7pm
Sundays and Holidays 12pm - 6pm

That is why I haven't been updating to busy getting married, working, gaming,
touring and designing other peoples sites.

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